About us

Epilepsy ACT (Epilepsy Association ACT Inc.) is a not-for-profit, self-help community service organisation formed in 1982 to provide services for people with epilepsy, their families and the community.

Today Epilepsy ACT provides support, reassurance, advocacy, referral and information to people with epilepsy. We promote understanding of epilepsy through education and increased community awareness.


Our Objectives

  1. CONNECT: Connect with every person living with epilepsy in our region and create opportunities to meaningfully connect with each other.
  2. SUPPORT: Maintain a local service, that fills gaps in existing service provision, with a team who provide personal, non-judgemental, practical and flexible support.
  3. INFORM: Provide free access to current, appropriate and accessible epilepsy information resources.
  4. EDUCATE: Deliver and promote innovative community education and awareness programs to ensure that every person living with epilepsy can live, go to school, or work in a safe, supportive and understanding environment.
  5. THRIVE: Manage a viable organisation with a sustainable funding model and reduced reliance on government funding.


Our Committee of Management

President – Richard Eccles

Vice President – Joseph Leahy

Secretary – Jacinta Cummins

Treasure – TBC

Committee Members – Louise Gray, Mel Chin, Mark Parkinson, Mary Ryan & Tracey Docherty

Our Staff

Executive Director – Fiona Allardyce

Administration & Training Manager – Ali Borrett

Epilepsy ACT services the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding areas and is an affiliate of Epilepsy Australia Ltd