Workplace Training

Epilepsy ACT provides responsive information and education services to community organisations, health and welfare groups, businesses, education providers, students and any other group where a need is identified.

Education and support programs are conducted in schools providing students with a more enlightened attitude towards epilepsy, and informing teachers of the signs, treatment and management of the many different types of seizures.

If you would like to attend one of our in-house epilepsy workshops please see our community education page.

Epilepsy Awareness Training in an organisational setting.

Epilepsy ACT offers training to organisations on how to recognise and manage seizures.

Approximately 2-4% of the population experiences epilepsy. It is a condition that is varied and often hard to recognise. It is very often misdiagnosed. This training will give attendees an overview of the ten most common types of Epilepsy.

Who would benefit from this training?
Anyone in contact with someone living with Epilepsy including:  schools, Universities, CIT/TAFE, workplaces, aged care facilities, care organisations, non government organisations and community groups.

Requirements for Training
Training will be provided for people who wish to gain a better understanding of Epilepsy.

Overview of Workshop content
This workshop covers the following topics. We are able to customise the workshop to cater for particular organisational needs. 

  • Introduction to epilepsy, including the definition and an introduction to seizures
  • Assessing and analysing client’s needs
  • First aid for seizures
  • Managing seizures and epilepsy
  • Managing emergency situations

Practical handouts are provided along with a certificate of attendance.

This training can be tailored to suit your organisational needs. Please contact Epilepsy ACT on (02) 6287 4555 or email for a quote or more information.

Midazolam Training
Epilepsy ACT also offers training in the emergency seizure medication Midazolam. Midazolam training is offered to organisations who are required to administer this medication and can be run in conjunction with the Epilepsy Awareness Training. For more information on Midazolam training please follow this link.