Emergency Medication Training

Emergency Medication Training

Training in the Management of Seizures Using Emergency Medication

Epilepsy ACT offers training in how to administer emergency medication, such as Midazolam, for the management of seizures.


Midazolam is an emergency medication that is used in the control of seizures. It is a restricted medication that has been approved for community use in certain situations and always prescribed by a Doctor. Training is provided to organisations and individuals who work with people that are prescribed this medication. The training is conducted by a registered nurse.

Who would benefit from this training?

Those who care for or work with people with explicit Midazolam or other seizure management emergency medication requirements e.g: schools, Universities, CIT/TAFE, workplaces, aged care facilities, care organisations, non government organisations, community groups and individuals.

Requirements for Training

Training will be provided when the following criteria are met:

The following will be covered during the workshop

Overview of Workshop content

A handout is provided which contains information and examples of safe use of midazolam in the community and some of the associated documentation.


Training is provided at a cost of $100 (+GST) per person/1 hour session.  Please feel  free to discuss this when you book your session.

To organise emergency medication training for your organisation, or to inquire about participating in one of our Community Workshops please phone Epilepsy ACT on (02) 6287 4555 or Contact us here

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