Epilepsy Awareness Month

Come and join us to break down the stigma behind Epilepsy.

Around the globe March is Epilepsy Awareness Month, shedding light onto what had been recognised by the Wold Health Organisation as one of the most misunderstood neurological conditions and most common serious brain disorder.

Epilepsy ACT will be holding a number of events throughout March to raise awareness, build support and remove the stigma that can surround epilepsy.  This will include the first ever WALK for Epilepsy in the ACT, World Purple Day, purple lighting being cast over a number of Canberra landmarks and purple doughnuts serves up by the legendary Canberra bakery and café – Patissez.

Epilepsy ACT Events:

26 March – WALK for Epilepsy

26 March – World Purple Day

20-26 March  – Purple Lighting across Canberra