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An Epilepsy Management/Action Plan is a risk management tool that lets anyone, who has a person with epilepsy in their care, know what to do and what not to do when that person has a seizure.

Epilepsy Management Plans are often required by schools, pre-schools, child care centres, disability services, disability employment services and supported accommodation and respite services. Plans help staff recognize seizure activity and provide documented procedures to follow should an emergency arise.

Plans should include the following information:

  • Type of seizure/s
  • Known triggers
  • A description of the seizure pattern
  • Who to contact in an emergency
  • Name & dose of antiepileptic medication/s, and
  • The time medication is administered

Plans should also include step by step instructions from the treating doctor on:

  • How to manage the seizure
  • If emergency intervention treatment is required
  • The specific circumstances under which it is to be administered; and
  • The time-frame in which an ambulance should be called
  • Name & dose of antiepileptic medication/s, and
  • The time medication is administered

If the seizure activity requires emergency intervention, ensure that the medication is readily accessible. Intervention medications generally prescribed are rectal diazepam, and more often today, midazolam.
The Plan is intended for use by the person with epilepsy, their family and any other person who has a role in supporting the person with epilepsy, either in a paid or unpaid capacity, including:

  • Childcare and early childhood staff
  • Teachers, integration aides, other school and Out-of-School Hours Care program staff
  • Medical practitioners
  • Hospital accident, emergency and nursing staff
  • Aged care, Home and Community Care (HACC) and disability support workers
  • Sports, Scouts, Girl Guides and other recreation/coaching staff
  • Employers or any other place where the person with epilepsy or their family believes this would be useful

Epilepsy ACT have staff available who are able to work with individuals and their families to create an epilepsy care plan. For more information on care plans call us on (02) 6287 4555 or email us 

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