Epilepsy Management Plans

Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP)

An Epilepsy Management Plan is a risk management tool that lets anyone, who has a person with epilepsy in their care, know what to do and what not to do when that person has a seizure.

Epilepsy Management Plans are often required by schools, pre-schools, child care centres, disability support services and sporting or social clubs. Plans help staff recognise seizure activity and provide documented procedures to follow should an emergency arise.

An Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) is a document that you can develop with others involved in your life and care. It describes:

An EMP is a great way to ensure that all the people in your life understand your epilepsy and how you want to be supported. 

Points to note:

Click the link below to download the Epilepsy Management Plan template:

Epilepsy Medication Management Plan (EMMP) - Midazolam

Some people with seizures that are difficult to control are prescribed emergency medication.  If you have been prescribed emergency medication, it is highly recommended that you work with your doctor to complete an Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP).

An EMMP describes:

Points to note:

Click the link below to download the Epilepsy Medication Management Plan template:

Epilepsy ACT have staff available who are able to work with individuals and their families to create an Epilepsy Management  Plan. For more information on care plans call us on (02) 6287 4555 or email us 

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