Epilepsy Training for Schools

Epilepsy Training for Schools

Our training courses can be conducted at your school at a time convenient to staff. We teach staff how to identify the signs of many types of seizures and how best to support a person with epilepsy in their care.
About 1 in 200 children live with epilepsy.

A child’s learning, behaviour and thinking can be negatively impacted by seizure activity, seizure recovery, medication side-effects and potential ongoing abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Epilepsy ACT offer 2 face to face training courses.

  1.   Understanding and Managing Epilepsy
  2.   Administration of Emergency Medication

The Understanding and Managing Epilepsy course is suited to schools who want to know more about supporting students with epilepsy and is a prerequisite course to the Administration of Emergency Medication course.   Schools with students that require administration of emergency medication such as midazolam should enrol in both courses.

Understanding and Managing Epilepsy – Topics covered include:

Administration of Emergency Medication – Topics covered include:

To organise training for your school, please Epilepsy ACT on (02) 6287 4555 or contact us here.  We can come to you at a time and date suitable for your staff.