1. Epilepsy Australia Ltd
    The national coalition of Australian Epilepsy Associations raising our voices as one to advance the cause of all Australians living with epilepsy.
  2. The Epilepsy Centre – South Australia & Northern Territory
  3. Epilepsy Tasmania
  4. Epilepsy Association of Western Australia
  5. Epilepsy Foundation – Victoria & NSW
  6. Epilepsy Queensland
  7. Epilepsy Smart Australia
    We are a national partnership working together to bring you the best knowledge and resources about the management of epilepsy. There’s help for people with epilepsy, those who support them, and for broader community organisations and companies.
  1. Cheeky Neurons
    Nix and Nellie are cheeky, curious young neurons who want to understand the brain – especially what’s happening in the brain in epilepsy.  This website aims to help children and families understand epilepsy in a fun and engaging way and hopes to reduce the stigma and anxiety that is often associated with the experience of epilepsy 
  2. Little Poss
    Epilepsy Queensland’s website for children with epilepsy
  3. Livewire is a free online community connecting teens living with illness or disability, and their siblings, within Australia and New Zealand.  Whether you’re home or in hospital, you can make friends, share stories, laugh, have a vent, and be yourself.  Livewire offers a safe online space where members can connect and share experiences with others who understand what they are going through
  4. YEAH – online space for young adults
    YEAH – the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) online space for young adults under the age of 30 years to meet and chat with others – sees an increasing membership. You can follow YEAH on Facebook and there is a closed group for member discussions
  5. Mindmap
    Mindmap is a new website portal that was launched in October 2022 to better help children, young people and parents navigate their way to find the most suitable mental health support and services available to them across the ACT
  6. Abilities Unlimited Australia
    AUA offers targeted, inclusive programs in the ACT region, providing children of all abilities the transformative power and joy of sport and active recreation 
  1. Australian Epilepsy Pregnancy Register
    This a voluntary, nationwide study that is enrolling women who are currently pregnant or who have given birth recently (infants up to 12 months of age) in the following categories:
    – Women with epilepsy taking antiepileptic medication (AEDs).
    – Women taking AEDs for allied conditions.
    – Women with epilepsy not taking AEDs.
  2. Economic Burden of Epilepsy Report 2019/2020
    Epilepsy Australia engaged Deloitte Access Economics to estimate the financial and loss of wellbeing costs of epilepsy to the Australian economy.
  3. Epilepsy in Australia 
    Epilepsy is one of the most common and disabling chronic neurological conditions. It is characterised by recurrent seizures, which are caused by a temporary disruption of the electrical activity in the brain. This web report provides an overview of epilepsy in Australia, including statistics on disease prevalence, burden, treatment access, hospitalisations and deaths.
  4. Women and Epilepsy
    A website by the International Bureau for Epilepsy created specifically for Women & Epilepsy, including all you need to understand pregnancy, hormones, sex and more.
  5. Epilepsy Research Centre 
    Located at the Melbourne Brain Centre in Heidelberg, the Epilepsy Research Centre is a large cohesive group within the Department of Medicine at the Austin Health campus of The University of Melbourne.

    They conduct clinical and molecular genetic studies by studying individuals and families with a history of seizures using cutting edge research methods and technologies.

  6. Epilepsy Society of Australia
    The Epilepsy Society of Australia is a professional organisation for clinicians, scientists and technologists involved in the diagnosis, treatment and research of epilepsy in Australia. 
  7. Genetic Epilepsy Team Australia
    GETA:GET A Team, GET A Target, GET A Cure. Australia is the global leader in the field of genetic epilepsy discovery. Australian researchers were the first in the world to show that epilepsy can be caused by genetic factors – whether through random mutations or inherited characteristics. Click to read more.
  8. The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
  9. Children’s Hospital, Westmead
  10. Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

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