Sharing Your Story

Many of our beautiful children say “Sharing is Caring” and this is what this page is all about.

There are so many reason to share your story with the Epilepsy ACT community, being able to read what others have been through is just the beginning. Sharing your story will help others to know they are not alone, by reading someone’s story it shows you care and you value their journey. Information sharing can help in ways you will never know and talking about Epilepsy brings awareness to the condition.


If you would like to share your story with our community please contact the team at Epilepsy ACT at or by phoning                02 6287 4555

Charlotte's Story

To download Charlotte’s Story place click here: Charlotte’s Story

Kayla's Story

To Download Kayla’s Story please click here: Kayla’s Story

Nick's Story

To download Nick’s Story please click here: Nick’s Story

Samuel's Story

To download Samuel’s Story please click here: Samuel’s Story