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Epilepsy ACT have staff available who are able to work with individuals and their families to create an epilepsy care plan.

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Counselling and support

Epilepsy ACT adopts a comprehensive care approach to epilepsy management and offers a referral service to other government and non-government health, disability and education organisations for people with epilepsy.

The association liaises with affiliates of Epilepsy Australia and international epilepsy associations.

If you are travelling overseas or moving interstate, we can assist by providing you with contact names and addresses of support networks.

Experienced staff are available to assist with issues such as

  • Current policy on driving
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Life-style strategies
  • Support for parents and carers

This is a free community service with your right to privacy and confidentiality, understood and respected.

Epilepsy Care Plans

Because epilepsy varies so much between individuals, it is crucial that everyone understands how to support the person – an Epilepsy Care Plan documents the person’s seizure types, support needs and emergency procedures.

The plan is intended for use by the person with epilepsy, their family and any other person who has a role in supporting the person with epilepsy, either in a paid or unpaid capacity, including:

  • Childcare and early childhood staff
  • Teachers, integration aides, other school and Out-of-School Hours Care program staff
  • Medical practitioners
  • Hospital accident, emergency and nursing staff
  • Aged care, Home and Community Care (HACC) and disability support workers
  • Sports, Scouts, Girl Guides and other recreation staff
  • Employers or any other place where the person with epilepsy or their family believes this would be useful.

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